Romanian Design Week 2014 will run from May 16 to May 25 and will focus on the importance of design in public spaces. The design is a bridge between communities, concerns and aesthetic layers and the focus of this edition will be on the environment that we all share, on the collective space and on how design helps us to communicate, interpret and improve our lives.

2014 Edition will include the following domains: Graphic Design, Branding and Advertising // Architecture, Urban Planning and Interior Design // Fashion Design // Product Design // Lifestyle Design ( which includes Food Design, Sound Design and Digital Design) .

Romanian Design Week 2014 will talk about urban life and the theme will be declined in the areas that we cover in the main exhibition and also in the related events that will draw the design map.

This year, we will try to demonstrate that the design is not a luxury. Furthermore, it’s everywhere and it does not relate to brands and exclusive products. The design exists in public markets, in parks, in the clothes that we wear every day or in the lamp that helps us read in the evening. The design is a language, a way to understand and to translate the world. Therefore, the first edition of Romanian Design Week ( 2013’s edition was a preview) will address the importance of design in the public area, proposing a macro approach.
Design is everywhere

Design has the power to synthesize and to communicate in a subtle way different virtues ​​and interests, it should be a mix of several concerns, a mechanism, a formula for improving the quality of life.

What does the way that you organize your day, your network of acquaintances and friends, a delicious plate with pasta, the dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s have in common? All involve a desire to change something, planning, testing, mistakes, processes, action. In short, all are involving design. All of them are the result of a desire, of a language or of a process.

The way we see and perceive the environment is essential to the way we “build ” our lives, to the way we define and then refine preferences and ” tastes”.